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1- Sick (If you need to take medicine and stay hydrated) 2- Pregnant (To keep up your energy) 3- Menstruation (You're not allowed to fast) 4- Breastfeeding (You have the option to) But don't forget you'll need to make it up after Ramadan :) --------------------------------------------------- It's time to talk about Henna night at wedding events (not to be confused with Hen nights! Who doesn't love to put on those intricate designs?Wendy Williams built her reputation on spreading gossip, and it almost got her the ass whooping of her life, reveals former radio colleague Angie Martinez.“I watch her TV talk show sometimes and she has really mastered her lane," she writes. no one will ever forget one of the classic film's first scenes in which Q-Tip engages in a serious lip lock with real-life ex-girlfriend Janet Jackson at a drive-in movie theater. Special thanks to the BEAUTIFUL AL Rayyan hotel for hosting us. Of course, like most things in most countries, we've localized it. We did this super short QTip to encourage questions we need them as we're working on a full episode and want to answer your questions. It's a tradition that was adopted from India and has become part of Gulf Culture. v=UES6I_d Hm Uw --------------------------------------------------- Don't forget to Thumbs up, Comment, and Subscribe :) It keeps us going!Shortly after, Tip’s character gets killed, thus setting up Janet’s character emotional state for most of the movie., Tip—joined by Jarobi from A Tribe Called Quest, Consequence and Busta Rhymes—revealed that although he enjoyed kissing Janet in the scene (they shot it around 11 times), the conditions where they were shooting weren’t ideal. ’ He was like, ‘I could see if I was f—kin’ the bitch, then I’d understand.

Back in 1997, when Williams and Martinez worked at Hot 97 in New York City, Martinez says her then co-worker was spreading rumors both on-air and online about her relationship with rapper Q-Tip. It took only a few seconds for me to realize that she wasn’t really hitting me back — she was just trying to get me off of her.Williams was eventually fired from the station because bosses were fed up with her rude behavior, Martinez says.Though Martinez admits she and Williams haven't spoken since, she salutes Williams' success as a talk show host.“Me and the niggas was talking about it in his trailer. And he was like, ‘Don’t you know, they asked me to take a mutha!

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