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This looks to me (not a network engineer) like a server problem. Dan Lynch We have Cox internet at home, and we have had some problems with it, although not exactly like yours.Cox seems clueless, the first two tech support guys (maybe the same guy signing different names) could not tell the difference between OFF and slow. Specifically, from time to time (a few times per week), we would lose connectivity, and I would then have to power down the modem and router, then power up the modem, then power up the router.There’s so much “five” in this table, I cannot imagine it is not significant of something but I don't know what.

If I set them manually, they are OK until I get an incoming call - at which point, something (I can only assume the Vonage box) resets them to 01-01-14 and an apparently random time.

Qtel filters adult websites, gay and lesbian content, dating and escorting services and sites deemed as offensive to Islam.

Some social networking websites like Tagged or Facebook have also been partially blocked in the past.

That makes me believe that either this is intentional, or they want to ignore it. I had this exact same system on Verizon DSL where I had the gateway setup as DMZ so it received all traffic, with no problems.

I am going to start testing on different networks, and connections. Anyone with information, or logs, please forward to me.

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All the info on the website refers to the old box - no one has bothered to update it.

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