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Balonkovou bitvu svedly hlavně děti Eva Mikešková Bystřice pod Hostýnem / Pořádné osvěžení o parném víkendu zažili na koupališti v Bystřici pod Hostýnem.Nejenom bazén čekal na návštěvníky, ale k tomu ještě pravá balonková bitva.The Honda CB1300S is nicely built, with a stainless steel exhaust to help ward off the worst of the British winter.The Honda CB1300S paint’s thick, too, but keep the fork legs free of winter salt or they quickly develop a nasty case of psoriasis.Indian filmmaker Alankrita Shrivastava has had to battle to have her latest film even shown in her home country.Lipstick Under My Burkha, which focuses on the secret lives of four women in a small town, was initially denied classification by India's film certification board.Muslim leaders are condemning this "regressive un-Islamic practice" and demanding that those guilty of such exploitation should be charged with rape and jailed.But did you know that way back in 1982, there was a Bollywood film which slammed this practice of nikaah halala? Nikaah tells the story of Nilofer (Salma Agha), who gets married to Wasim (Deepak Parashar), a Nawab.

After he fails to show up at their anniversary party, the couple have a spat during which Wasim, in a fit of rage, utters the three dreaded words - "Talaq, talaq, talaq."Divorced and left to fend for herself, Nilofer is offered a job with a magazine.

The board's methods seem to have backfired though: the film has resonated with Indian audiences intent on defying the censors.

Freedom is a consistent theme in Shrivastava's work.

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Vítězové se bitvy ujali jako správní rytíři, nebáli se a šli do toho po hlavě.

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